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Everything is for sale! Make me an offer on these items, I may be fair and reasonable on some of them. Some I really like, and it will take alot to talk me out of these. Some I have owned for 40 years, and don't mind keeping them another 40. But anything can be had if the price is right!


Melrose 6

TYPE: ? No grinding

SIZE: 3 1/8"


NOTES: Ex Bob Melrose

Paleo 2

PURCHASED: 2003 John Richardson

TYPE :Mahaffey

SIZE :3"

HISTORY : Found by Joe Van Diver, in Hog Creek, Boone Co., AR.

NOTES :Perino COA & Van Diver COA

Plainview 38

TYPE :???

SIZE :2 3/4"

HISTORY : Found by Darren Dirksen in Eastern Oklahoma

NOTES : Fire Damaged, very thin, Allen 16

Paleo 100

TYPE :St. Mary's Hall

SIZE :3 1/2"

HISTORY :Cibolo Creek, Wilson Co., TX.

NOTES :"VV5" Ex Tony Stoddard, Jay Roach

Plainview 27

This 4 1/2" long point was found near Paul's Valley, Oklahoma. Perino COA says it is an Angostura Knife made of Frisco Chert,
Rogers COA called it a Plainview. Ex Bob Miller and Wallace Everett collections. It is broken and glued with slight restoration

2 3/8" Folsom, Perino COA (2/19/99) as a Barnes Fluted, found by Sharlet Armstrong in Eastern Oklahoma

1.78 inch Folsom/ Midland from Bobby Ratliff, found North of Perry, OK.

4" Clovis "Brian Shumate SW MO."

59mm Perino COA,(08/24/1996) Barnes Fluted Point, Perino States: "A small Clovis point that is nearly as late as Folsom points. The point probably was too thin to flute both sides. It was nicked by a plow on one side. Found in Southern ILL. Burlington Chert"

TYPE : Barnes/Midland

SIZE : 2 5/8"

HISTORY : Greene Co., IL

NOTES : side nick restored. tag says" T.WEDOING" ??

TYPE: Fluted Point (Clovis)

SIZE: 2 7/8"

HISTORY: Coshocton Co., OH.

NOTES: Marked "X-Hahn JG?" Ex Fred Groseclose

3 3/4" Hornstone Clovis found North of Beardstown Schuyler
Larry Merriam tag 2156; other Markings "BTD" & "86"

Paleo 76

TYPE : Clovis Knife

SIZE : 2 7/8"

HISTORY : Thunderbird Museum Merllian, WI

NOTES : Breckinridge COA, Ex Gene Hynek

Clovis 27

2 1/2" Clovis found in McIntosh Co., OK. Perino COA, made of Agatized wood, Zipper Chert

Cody 36

3" long, Cody Knife found on the South Platte River near Henderson, CO. made of translucent agatized wood. Rogers COA

Paleo 89

TYPE :Hell Gap

SIZE :2"

HISTORY :Found by Chris Fraley in McIntosh Co., OK.

NOTES :Alibates

Miscellaneous 36

A killer 2 1/2" Butterfly Crescent from King Co., CA.

Paleo 75

TYPE :Escobas/Jay point

SIZE :1 3/8"

HISTORY :Four Corners area

NOTES :Ex Roger Crabtree

Buckles 80

TYPE: Button Base Dovetail

SIZE: 4 3/4"

HISTORY: Found by John Buckles near Piqua, OH. between 1860-1890 roughly

NOTES: Flintridge Flint

Hardin 59

PURCHASED: 2012-03 Lonnie Hartline

TYPE :Hardin

SIZE :3" ?


Melrose 2

TYPE: Etley

SIZE: 5"

HISTORY: Cooper Co., MO.

NOTES: Ex Jimmy Durham

Melrose 3

TYPE: St. Charles "Dovetail"

SIZE: 4 1/2"

HISTORY: Grayville White Co., IL.

San Patrice 80

PURCHASED: 2004-02-24 Rob Carter

TYPE : St. John's San Patrice

SIZE : 32mm

HISTORY : Upshur Co., TX.

NOTES : Perino COA 1998 For Lonnie Hartline, Ex Carson Kennedy Collection

4" Alibates Gary marked "found by Guerra Perndaez 89 & WST" Found in OKC, OK.

2 7/8" Little River from McCurtain Co., OK. Ex Greg Perino #1663 other #1497 Bennett COO Perino Collection


LOT 218 Townsend 2nd Auction 2012
Dovetail, Flint Ridge: 4 3/8 x 1 3/4 Muskingum Co. Ohio
Tan flint ridge chalcedony with a few cream colored spots; tip restored. Found on the Mrs. Halls farm on Rt 76 south of New Concord. Ex Townsend

4 1/2" Coshocton Flint Split Base Dovetail from the Pickenpaugh Museum, Muskingum Co.,OH.

LOT 268 2nd Townsend Auction 2012
Dalton, Tan Flint: 3 7/8 x 1 3/8 Corning Arkansas
Flint: High grade mottled tan and grey, beveled; good condition. T786 Ex Townsend

2 7/16" Scottsbluff, E okla, Ex Bob Melrose, nice impact fracture

West Coast 161

TYPE :Humboldt

SIZE :2 1/2"

HISTORY :Found by Jack Corbet

NOTES :Stermer COA

Cody 38

TYPE :Cody Knife

SIZE :1 1/2"



Calf Creek 50

TYPE :Swept Wing Bell

SIZE :2 3/8"

HISTORY :Bexar Co., TX.

NOTES :Rogers COA as a Bell Variant, Edwards Chert

TYPE : Swept Wing Bell/ Laguna

SIZE : 2 5/8" by 1 3/4"

HISTORY : Williamson Co., TX.

NOTES : Williams COA 1-7-1

TYPE : Dalton

SIZE : 4"

HISTORY : Howard Co., MO.

NOTES : Sold at Prehistoric Art Auctions 3-11-2004 Lot 231

Lar 49

TYPE: Thebes

SIZE: 3 9/16"

HISTORY: Coshocton Co., OH. Ex Lynch

NOTES: Pictured in The Lar Hothem Collection and Sale on page 155; lot 211

TYPE : E notch

SIZE : 3 3/8"

HISTORY : Delaware Co., OH.

NOTES : Davis COA G7 2-19-98; Motley COA 9-24-02 Jim Willoughby

Lar 14

TYPE: Dovetail

SIZE: 4 5/8"

HISTORY: Found in Licking Co., OH. Ex Lynch

NOTES: Pictured in The Lar Hothem Collection and Sale on page 256; lot 279; Pictured in Ancient Art of Ohio page 39, and Rare & Unusual page 27

Pelican Lake 19- $250

TYPE :Pelican Lake

SIZE :1 5/8"


NOTES :KRF, rebased point Ex Robert Walter

Archaic 194

TYPE : McKean?

SIZE : 47mm by 18mm

HISTORY : Kiowa, CO.

NOTES : Perino COA Ex Charlie Rhoton, Forest Fenn, Lonnie Hartline

Archaic 185

TYPE :Besant Knife

SIZE :2 3/4"

HISTORY :Northern Plains

NOTES :Petrified Wood possibly Sycamore?

Archaic 205

TYPE :Sanish/Deep Creek/Long Point

SIZE :2 1/2"

HISTORY :N. Dakota

NOTES :Heavily Patenated Knife River Flint

Archaic 188

A 2 1/2" Sanish point, later renamed Deep Water Creek. It is made of a fine translucent agate, found near White Earth Bay, Williams CO. North Dakota by John Vincent Wilber COO

Hardin 33

3 3/4" long. This Hardin comes from Jack Robert's Collection. The tip has been burinated.

West Coast 82

TYPE :Humbolt Expanded

SIZE :2 9/16"

HISTORY :Central Oregon


West Coast 66

2" Humboldt from Southern Nevada, Ex Mike Speer Collection

100mm Flintridge Snyders, Pickaway Co., OH. Perino COA 1999-01-27 John Duncan, Ex-Bower, Ex Vietzen. Noted: In recent times someone deepened the notches slightly. John notes, blade wired to board and caused a few minute chips in notches.

West Coast 83

TYPE : Elko

SIZE : 1 5/8"

HISTORY :Found by Vern and Geneva Borden

NOTES :Ex Easterwood

West Coast 109


SIZE :1"


NOTES :Carl Schaefer


E.TX/LA 142

TYPE : Perdiz

SIZE :1 3/8"


NOTES : Ex Floyd Easterwood

Starr 38

TYPE :Starr

SIZE : 1 1/8"

HISTORY :Found by Roy Pohl in Starr Co., TX.

NOTES : Ex Floyd Easterwood

Oklahoma 94

TYPE :Texarkana Lake

SIZE :3 3/8"

HISTORY :found near Pierce, ok


South Texas 167

TYPE :Perdiz

SIZE :1 3/8"


NOTES :Ex Tom Davis, Ken Partain; Pictured in several Overstreet Guides etx/la 57

Arrowpoint 79

TYPE :Lott

SIZE :1 1/2"

HISTORY :Lott Co., TX.

NOTES :Extremely Rare type

West Coast 69

1 1/4" Desert Side notch, from N. California

West Coast 114

1 1/2" Cahuilla Point, San Deigo Co., CA.

South Texas 187

1" Garza S. Texas

West Coast 165

One of the rarest types to find! 2 3/16" Strong Barbed Auriculate point. Minor restoration of less than 1/16" to the end of one barb; the restoration was done by reputable artist Steve Allely. The point was found in 1963 by Bob and Virginia Howard near the Decker Site, in Columbia County, Oregon. This point is pictured in "Wappato Indians of the Lower Columbia River Valley" 1972 by Roy Franklin Jones, Page 171. Also pictured in OAS "Screenings", Sept. 1963. Also see Overstreet Vol. XIII, pg 1288, for reference to rarity and value. This point type was named in honor of the famous amateur archaeologist Emory Strong, author of "Stone Age on the Columbia River". Perhaps a once in a lifetime chance to own a large example of this extremely rare style.

Harahey 25

TYPE :Neosho

SIZE :4 1/8"


NOTES :Ex- Perino #336

Harahey 40

3" Harahey, Peoria Chert, found by Darren Dirksen in Eastern Oklahoma

Harahey 41

A NICE little Alibates Harahey from Caddo Co., OK. 2 3/8" long, Perino COA, Ex Lonnie Hartline and Mike Speer Collections

Harahey 42

Alibates Harahey from Caddo Co., OK. 2 1/4" long, Perino COA

Harahey 43

Alibates Harahey variant, 2 1/2" long

Harahey 39

5 1/2" Alibates Harahey Variant, broken and glued


Harahey 44

5 1/2" long Kansas Turkeytail made of Kay Co. Chert.

5 1/2" Neosho Ex-J.J. Cullbertson Collection

Arrowpoint 103

TYPE :Huffaker

SIZE :7/8"


NOTES :Partain and Motley COAs

Washita 140

TYPE : Huffaker

SIZE : ? 1 5/8"


NOTES : Ex John Richardson

Washita 132

33mm 1 3/8"Huffaker style point, found by Dan Fox in N Central Oklahoma, Pictured in his book, Arrowheads of the Central Great Plains page 76

Washita 129

1 1/2" Washita, found in Kay co ok, it is a nice piece of Alibates, very thin

Washita 134

1 1/4" long Alibates Washita found by Elmer Craft in SW OK

Washita 130

1 1/4" Washita, Alibates Flint, found by Ted Winters in NE OK

Plainview 29

TYPE :?!!? Not a Plainview, maybe Archaic something or other

SIZE :1 7/8"


NOTES :light basal grinding, nick in base not a notch